Listen to Jamie Cartwright’s heart breaking yet inspiring story

He’s no longer a victim, he’s a true


Born into a working-class family, and growing up through the 80’s, Jamie felt the desperation of the mining community losing their lifeblood due to Thatcherism.

His father a high-ranking police officer demanded respect and instilled the values of a ‘true man’ – don’t show pain, weakness or emotion.  Jamie was blessed with a football talent that could free him and his family financially.   Succeeding at school both academically and socially while at the weekends being peppered with professional footballer scouts wanting his signature Jamie had the world at his feet. That was until he met Barry Bennell, the now infamous and prolific convicted paedophile.

Mustering the courage to be honest with himself he got the right professional help, started on the road to recovery and finally after 25 years told his truth to the world on the brutal Channel 4 hit show SAS Who Dares Wins.

Listen to Jamie’s brutally honest account of how he survived the physical and psychological damage of childhood sexual abuse, wrestled the torment of emotions while hiding his secret to the world and as a result the debilitating mental health struggles. 

He’ll explain and dissect the rollercoaster of emotions when trying to succeed in the cutthroat world of professional football, the expectation combined with crippling fear and anxiety of failure and ultimately his lost dream of ‘making it’. 

He’ll discuss and explain the paralysing self-loathing that develops from living the public lie of happiness while dealing with excruciating pain in private.

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“It’s a true story that everyone should hear, simply inspiring. A guaranteed roller coaster of emotions”

Jamie is available for public speaking events; corporates, education, keynote speaker, universities and any place where there is an audience!

The simple aim is in the hope that it reminds survivors of sexual assault, especially men and boys, that they are not alone, whilst educating others on a true story of survival, courage and a fight to be the person you deserve to be.

This is Jamie’s story