Man sitting on sofa with Snowdon in the distance


Is sofa 2 Snowdon?

Group of friends climbing mountain

Sofa 2 Snowdon is a new challenge running on Sunday 9th June 2024.

1 in 4 adults in the UK will experience mental illness at some point in their lives. By committing to the Sofa 2 Snowdon challenge, you will be acknowledging and highlighting the daily struggles of mental health. 

Be part of something amazing

Jump off your sofa, stretch your legs and join us as we take on Sofa 2 Snowdon on 9th June 2024. 

See our useful FAQ’s below:

Yes of course you can! We want to bring as many people together from all backgrounds to accomplish this challenge!

This is completely up to you. We welcome people to join us on the day as you will benefit from being surrounded by people who will help push and support you. But of course, you can do the challenge on a day that suits you. 

This challenge is open to anyone and everyone of all fitness abilities. Snowdon can be challenging and takes over 4 hours to climb, so it’s important that you prepare correctly.

Of course! You can register your interest here.

Yes of course! It’s completely up to you how you would like to take on the challenge. Whether it be just for yourself or a charity. If you do choose to raise money for a charity, please let us know your plans, so we can share your success. 

Group of friends climbing mountain


How to get involved

Get involved by registering your interest now! Click on on the link below to get started.

Get in touch

Get in touch for more info on future challenges – email us using

"Bringing together a group of people all challenging themselves selflessly to raise awareness of mental illness, is super motivating and humbling. The climb is going to be difficult, but we gain strength to achieve when we know it inspires and positively affects others."

— Jamie Cartwright, Founder of Move 4 Freedom

we'll keep you upto date

There will be things you will need to know before the day such as what clothing/footwear you will need as well as food, drink, timings, meeting spots and health and safety. We will be in touch to discuss this before the day.

Also, feel free to reach out and ask us questions – you can do this by emailing