By doing things for others we in turn gain strength to achieve.


Is Move4Freedom?

Primarily Move4Freedom is a community of people using selfless acts of physical activity to raise awareness and support for those who are suffering with mental health issues or simply showing gratitude to those who effect our life.

People who suffer with the most common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety will often describe a sense of feeling trapped inside a world that they cant get away from.

Depression and anxiety can cause people to feel imprisoned in their own thoughts and feelings however those who have managed to survive and get well will describe an experience of being set free.


How to get involved

Use any form of exercise that will physically and mentally test you.

Then to gain extra motivation and strength consider a person or organisation that you want to dedicate that activity to.

During the activity when it becomes tough you can draw strength by thinking about ‘why’ you’re doing it and ‘who’ you’re doing it for.

To provide the important recognition and therefore the open support for your cause post the activity to your social feeds tagging #move4freedom and the person or organisation you’re doing it for.

IMPORTANT – People who are suffering with mental health issues are unlikely to want you to highlight this through social media therefore choose wisely how you promote your activity.

What is most important is you share your activity online and tag what the cause is along with #move4freedom and then privately share that with the person who needs support if this is more appropriate. 

Get in touch

Get in touch for more info on future challenges – email us using

‘By doing things for others we in turn gain strength to achieve’

Carrying out an altruistic or selfless act leaves us with a feeling of euphoria, the so-called helper’s high.

In the longer term, altruism is associated with better mental and physical health and greater longevity.

Kinder people are happier, and happier people are kinder, establishing a virtuous circle of altruism.

To gain this ‘helper’s high’ you don’t just have to support those with mental health issues. Why not just show gratitude to someone or something?

In a world where everything is instant and on-demand we can forget what it means and who is involved in making the world go around.

When you take your post of the postman do you ever consider what they actually do every day to get that post to you. Is there a chance you take their effort for granted?

Gratitude and recognition also provide the perfect mixture for positive feeling and therefore action.

Imagine doing a workout and dedicating it to someone you love who might need a little pick up on that day?

Such a simple act that will motivate you during your activity and could be the difference between your loved one feeling down all day or not.

‘Testing oneself in ways never experienced builds character, confidence and resilience’

Life causes us to ‘take the easy option’ and our natural default position is to ‘take the path of least resistance’ but this doesn’t help us.

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions physically can help us build resilience and can change our perspective on life challenges.

Move4Freedom asks you to push yourself further than you have before, challenge yourself and start to feel uncomfortable more.

The harder you push yourself the better you’ll feel and then dedicating this to others will enhance the effort for all involved.